Santa brings him bitcoins – Here’s a fabulous new Christmas story, but in crypto sauce this time. While spending a few days with his family for the holiday season, this very precocious Bitcoin (BTC) user has regained access to a real crypto-fortune.

The endless problem of lost private keys

Under the pseudonym „BitcoinHolderThankU“ , an early Crypto Cash connoisseur posted on Reddit his fantastic (re) discovery of his long-buried BTCs .

He explains that it all started around the years 2011-2012 : while playing a video game called „Dark Orbit“ with his friends, our student discovered that he could provide himself with „Uridium“ (the currency of the game in question) thanks to a strange new digital currency called Bitcoin .

He would then have managed to accumulate the (now fantastic) sum of 127 bitcoins , simply by „completing surveys, watching videos“ and other small random tasks on the Internet!

To use his expression “holy fcking sht” (which we will politely translate as “thank God”), he never finally used these BTC to buy the video game Uridium. But these bitcoins had nevertheless fallen into oblivion , for 8 to 9 years, until …

He becomes a multi-millionaire overnight

Our young man had gone to spend a week with his grandfather for the Christmas holidays . It was then that, on December 22, 2020 , he found his old Dell branded computer in the attic.

Upon lighting this relic of the past, he discovers a text file simply called “Keys” . As you can imagine, these were in fact the private keys that give access and control to his old Bitcoin wallet !

Barely his 127 BTC found, the young man could not withstand such pressure and quickly sold everything . It has indeed found a platform that practiced the trade bitcoins OTC ( Over-The-Counter or OTC ), which has agreed to take back all of his treasure against „0.15% commission ” .

“(..) I ended up selling the 127 bitcoins for a price of $ 33,439 per BTC (…) The net amount [of the sale] was around $ 4.24 million”.

However, in a column entitled „What I would have done differently“ , he explains that with a little more hindsight and coolness :

„I would not have sold the 127 bitcoins, if I had been given a second chance (…) I would have sold a good part of them, but I would have kept a handful for years to come“ .

Indeed, even not to mention reselling the highest of nearly $ 42,000 that Bitcoin has offered us in recent days, it could easily have put $ 1 million more in its purse.

Litecoin was briefly the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market cap, surpassing XRP.

XRP has faced major problems since the SEC filed charges against Ripple.

The price of XRP has fallen more than 50% since the charges were filed.

Litecoin, a cryptocurrency commonly referred to as digital „money“ while Bitcoin is said to be „gold,“ has taken over as the fourth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

According to CoinGecko , Ethereum Code has since regained its place, but it’s impossible to say how this battle with Litecoin is going .

Why has the price of XRP gone down?

For years, XRP had established itself as the third most dominant cryptocurrency in the blockchain space, but a lot has changed since then.

Last December, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs and two of its executives for the sale of more than $ 1 billion in unregistered securities.

The SEC alleges that XRP is a security, not a currency, and therefore Ripple Labs has not complied sufficiently with the current regulations. The Ripple team argues that XRP is a digital asset and a currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, and therefore should not be under the jurisdiction of the SEC. The SEC has already clarified its views on Bitcoin and Ethereum , but never gave an outlook on XRP until the charges were filed.

Since the charges were filed, Ripple has received a terrible blow. Ripple Network’s native cryptocurrency, XRP , has gone from a three-month high of $ 0.71 per unit to a current price of $ 0.22.

This is at a time when other cryptocurrencies made massive gains. Many have more than doubled their market capitalization over the same period.

Recently, investors in XRP filed a petition with the SEC stating that the charges against Ripple are not in the best interest of investors and have caused property damage to the company and the cryptocurrency.

If this petition is accepted by the SEC, it is possible that it will reject the charges, although this does not appear likely.

What is litecoin?

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency created by Charlie Lee in order to make faster cryptocurrency payments. Similar to Bitcoin in terms of function but having a different blockchain protocol, Litecoin claims faster transaction times than Bitcoin as well as lower fees due to its mining algorithm .

Knowing that there are many characteristics shared between the two cryptocurrencies, many consider Litecoin to be a secondary asset of Bitcoin.

Um rápido retorno à forma para o Bitcoin gera ganhos diários de 8% e não dá indícios de uma reversão mais profunda abaixo de $ 30.000.

O Bitcoin ( BTC ) voltou a bater recordes em 30 de dezembro, depois que uma nova recuperação o levou acima de seu maior recorde de $ 28.400.

O preço do BTC é o melhor de todos os tempos

Dados da Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView mostraram que o BTC / USD enfrentou seu topo histórico existente durante as negociações de quarta-feira.

Em um forte ressurgimento durante a noite, o Bitcoin confirmou que não tinha tempo para ursos depois de cair brevemente para US $ 25.830 nas últimas 24 horas.

Os ganhos diários eram de 7,5% no momento da publicação, quando $ 28.560 se tornaram realidade.

A mudança deixa o Bitcoin cada vez mais perto de selar $ 30.000 como um novo nível psicológico antes do final do ano, algo que parecia impossível apenas uma semana atrás.

Como relatado pela Cointelegraph , no entanto, os analistas ainda acreditam que uma reversão poderia levar a maior criptomoeda a um suporte existente de US $ 19.500.

Na terça-feira, o analista da Cointelegraph Markets Michaël van de Poppe, no entanto, destacou $ 27.500 como a área crítica a ser quebrada a fim de preparar o caminho para novos recordes históricos.

O preço do Ether lidera os ganhos da Altcoin

O impacto indireto entre as principais altcoins foi claramente sentido, com Ether ( ETH ) se aproximando de US $ 740, após subir 5,5% no dia.

Polkadot (DOT) adicionado à força existente para ver o desempenho semanal se aproximar de 50%.