Coinbase Launches Base: Faster, Cheaper Ethereum Transactions!

4. August 2023 Aus Von admin

• Coinbase has announced the launch date of Base, its Ethereum layer 2 blockchain.
• The mainnet will go live on August 9 and there is a month-long festival with over 100 ETH and $125,000 in grants up for grabs.
• Base aims to make transactions faster and cheaper than the underlying network.

Coinbase Launches Mainnet for Base

Coinbase has revealed its launch date for Base – the Ethereum layer 2 blockchain designed to make transactions faster and cheaper than the underlying network. As of today, users can begin bridging ETH to base, with dapps “across the on-chain ecosystem” starting to enable Base support. The mainnet will go live “for everyone and everything” on August 9.

Onchain Summer Festival

To commemorate the launch, the firm also announced “Onchain Summer” – a month-long festival by 50 creators and developers with a daily showcase of novel things that can be done on-chain. Participants in the festival will be open to ~100 ETH in grants from Coinbase, spread across participants in four different events: Onchain Summer, Build on Base, Stand With Crypto, and Base Accounts. The company will also host a virtual hackathon – Superhack – from August 4 to 18, which includes another $125,000 in prizes.

Base Mission Statement

Base stated their mission was clear; to bring new builders and users into the space of cryptocurrency by bringing an open global economy that increases economic freedom and puts everyone on a level playing field.

Base Grants

Over 100 ETH and $125,000 in grants are available during this month long festival for those who build or perform tasks related to building upon web3 technology such as using or creating dapps enabled by base support.

„On Chain“ Future

The mission of Coinbase has been clear; create an „on chain“ future that enables an open global economy which increases economic freedom while allowing all people access to powerful tools like web3 technology regardless of their background or financial means.