New FTX CEO Testimony: Pure Hell at Crypto Exchange

7. Februar 2023 Aus Von admin

• John Ray III, CEO of FTX, recently appeared before the US Bankruptcy Court to testify on the chaos and lack of expertise in the company.
• In his testimony, he revealed that his first 48 hours as interim CEO were “pure hell” due to the theft of $650 million from FTX’s wallets through unauthorized transfers.
• Ray also pointed out that the liquidators at the firm are not experienced enough in crypto assets to fix the problems within FTX.

New FTX CEO Testimony Before US Court

John Ray III, CEO of FTX, has testified before US Bankruptcy Court on the chaos & lack of expertise within the company. The new CEO highlighted some difficulties he faced after taking on this role, including dealing with a theft of $650 million from FTX’s wallets through unauthorized transfers on his first day as interim CEO.

Chaos and Lack of Expertise Within Company

Ray stated that he had never encountered such chaotic experiences in any of his previous positions at major corporations like Enron. Furthermore, he emphasized that there is a lack of expertise among FTX liquidators to fix issues within the company. This resulted in an unnecessary liquidation of 4 Wrapped Bitcoin worth approximately $90,450 USD.

Earning $690K for Two Months

John J Ray III earned approximately $690K for two months as CEO of FTX – which may be something many people dream about; however it was reportedly a nightmare for him. With no prior experience or knowledge in cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology, Ray felt overwhelmed by all that was going on during those two months and left feeling frustrated with all that had been accomplished (or not).

Future Plans Beyond FTX

Ray has since moved on from being involved with FTX and is now focusing his efforts on other projects related to crypto-assets and digital currency technology. He plans to use his experiences from working atFTX as leverage when advising companies about potential risks associated with these types of investments and technologies moving forward. As well as continuing to share his insights with organizations who are interested in learning more about digital currency technology or want guidance on how best to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape.


John Ray III’s experience as interim CEO atFTx was unchartered territory for him but provided invaluable lessons regarding working with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology – which can be applied across different industries moving forward. Although it may have been a difficult time for him personally; he has used it productively by providing advice about potential risk-mitigation strategies associated with investing into digital currencies/assets etc., to other businesses looking into this sector