OpenSea Pro Overtakes Blur in NFT Trading: Data

23. April 2023 Aus Von admin

• OpenSea Pro has surpassed Blur in daily transaction count, becoming the world’s most popular NFT marketplace.
• OpenSea Pro’s success can be attributed to its zero fees for a promotional period and advanced order type features.
• Blur’s bidding and listing incentives have become relatively saturated, potentially contributing to OpenSea Pro’s success.

OpenSea Pro Overtakes Blur as Most Popular NFT Marketplace

The emergence of new players in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market has changed the dynamics of the space, with OpenSea Pro recently overtaking Blur as the world’s most popular NFT marketplace. Delphi Digital’s analysis indicates that OpenSea Pro has surpassed transactions since rebranding, suggesting that traders are making more transactions on this platform than on Blur.

Reasons Behind OpenSea Pro’s Success

OpenSea Pro was rebranded and unveiled to court active traders away from Blur, which had been eating away at its market share since October 2020. The counteroffensive proved successful due to a number of factors; primarily due to the promotional period with zero fees and advanced order types available on the platform. Additionally, potential airdrops may also have enticed new users into using OpenSea Pro over Blur.

Saturation of Incentives on Bidding & Listing Platforms

Conversely, bidding and listing incentives on Blur have become relatively saturated, making it difficult for users to earn points despite 2x multiplier incentives being available in certain cases. This could explain why many traders are turning towards OpenSea Pro instead of continuing to use their current platform – in anticipation of higher opportunity costs or better rewards across different tokens/platforms.

Overview: A Tactical Counteroffensive

Overall, it appears that the launch of Open Sea pro was highly tactical as it came with several attractive features designed to draw traders away from rival platforms like Blur – such as 0% fees for a promotional period and advanced order types – proving somewhat successful so far as evidenced by Delphi Digital’s data analysis indicating more transactions taking place on this platform than any other NFT aggregator thus far.


In conclusion, while there is still room for improvement within both platforms when it comes to incentivizing active trading behavior among users; it appears that an increasing number of traders are drawn towards Open Sea pro due its various features geared towards encouraging activity among its user base – resulting in increased transaction numbers compared against rival platforms like blur who appear unable to keep up despite offering similar services/incentives..