Rich Dad’s Bold Prediction: BTC to Reach $500K in 3 Years

14. Februar 2023 Aus Von admin

• Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki predicts that bitcoin will reach $500,000 in three years due to an upcoming market crash and distrust in the US dollar.
• He advises people to invest in gold, silver and Bitcoin as faith in fiat currencies could be destroyed.
• Kiyosaki believes that gold could reach $5,000 and silver could hit $500 by 2025.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad Author Predicts BTC To Reach $500K

Robert Kiyosaki – the author of the bestseller „Rich Dad, Poor Dad“ – thinks bitcoin will surge to $500,000 by 2025 due to an incoming market crash and a consecutive distrust in the US dollar. He has previously warned people to avoid traditional fiat currencies during uncertain times and focus on BTC or gold.

Kiyosaki’s Advice

The American businessman predicted that markets are up for serious correction, which will trigger another massive printing of fiat currencies by the Federal Reserve. Kiyosaki believes people should embrace bitcoin, gold, and silver amid that potential turbulence, predicting the leading digital asset to reach $500,000 in three years. He added that the yellow metal could climb to $5,000 while silver could trade at $500. The main reason for the price expansion of those assets could be the undermined faith in the US dollar which he described as „fake money.“ On the other hand he classified gold and silver as „God’s money,“ while Bitcoin is „people’s money.“

Crash Incoming?

Kiyosaki predicted a „giant“ market crash that could eventually boost BTC’s price to $500k and gold to$5k. He advised investors stay away from traditional fiat currencies during uncertain times and focus on crypto or precious metals instead..

Gold & Silver Good Investment?

He said investors should embrace both gold & silver during this potential turbulence since they can provide safety net against financial instabilities caused by a recession or even depression if it comes down to it. Faith in US Dollar might be destroyed as result of this kind of market volatility so investing into these two commodities might be wise move for those interested protecting their wealth over long-term period..

In conclusion Robert Kiyosaki suggests people should invest into Bitcoin ,gold & Silver due upcoming economic crisis .His predictions are based on assumption that trust towards US Dollar will crumble causing its value depreciation .He further stated investing into these assets now would help protect wealth from any kind financial instability caused by recession or even depression .